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From Thoughts to Results

Thinking is the starting point of all results, and it underpins everything. Through the principle of ‘cause and effect’, our thoughts create our feelings, which drive our actions, which create the outcomes we get.

The human negativity bias and propensity towards faulty and unhelpful thinking (especially during times of change, difficulty and uncertainty), creates problems and dysfunction which costs billions every year in terms of sickness absence, impaired quality and productivity, reduced customer satisfaction, and so on.

Our thinking can either be our superpower – enabling us to feel well, do well, and get great results, or it can be our Kryptonite – disempowering us, and compromising our wellbeing and performance. Many people experience a significant amount of worry, fear, doubt, overthinking, etc., and few know how to properly optimise their thinking for greater clarity, creativity, problem-solving, and so on.

Optimising thinking is the best and most reliable long-term solution for transforming results – and that’s why it’s our prime focus at Sunshine and the subject of Martine’s book ‘Your Thinking is Your Superpower’.

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